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Black Crypto Trading is Outpacing that of White and Hispanic Americans

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According to several new studies, African American ownership and trading on cryptocurrency is far outpacing the crypto habits of white and Hispanic Americans. 

According to a recent Harris Poll, 23% of African-Americans own cryptocurrency. Still, according to the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at the University of Chicago, 44% of cryptocurrency traders are investors of color, compared with only 35% investing in a stock. The Harris Poll, published in USA Today, compares the 23% of Black crypto ownership to the 11% of white Americans and 17% of Hispanics. 

The NORC study showed that crypto traders are younger and more diverse in terms of race, ethnicity and gender due to financial inclusion and the democratization of global economics, attracting a wide variety of people.

According to a recent article in Forbes, Black Americans need to make big moves to make up for stolen financial time and crypto investing could help counter the negative impact of policies ranging from Jim Crow segregation to modern-day redlining have disenfranchised Black people from building generational wealth. The Federal Reserve claims that Black Americans hold only 3.8% of the $116 trillion in wealth in the U.S. 

Coaches like Black entrepreneur Jamar James have appeared on the landscape in response to increased crypto investing and trading.  A self-proclaimed ‘Digital Currency Guy,’ James quit his financial job to build a community called DCG Mastermind that he says has already helped hundreds of people break free from corporate America in the past year.

In his presentations, he shared a six and seven-figure roadmap for trading cryptocurrencies, digital art and non-fungible gaming tokens (NFTs). He claims that people who do not invest in such areas are missing out on the future of human evolution.

“The metaverse is an opportunity to participate in the future of human evolution,” James said. “We are currently in a cashless society where currency is being devalued. The next step in technology, communication, is in the digital world, where you have two options – exclusion or inclusion.”

He touts that cryptocurrency continues to evolve quickly, allowing everyone to benefit. 

“Virtual real estate is about ownership of centralized worlds,” James added. “The same way we own real estate in the real world, you can generate wealth through virtual real estate for eternity.” 

His annual Mastermind Retreat will occur May 12-15, 2022, at Paradise Point Resort & Spa in San Diego, California. For more information on James’ company, you can visit



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