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Black Millionaire Entrepreneur Says Not Investing in NFTs and Crypto is Leaving Money on the Table

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Combine a young Black entrepreneur who has made millions and a commitment to help people with advice and a look towards the future and you get Darryl Drake.  Drake told podcaster Veronica Charnell that he had advanced his career and those of over 100,000 he’s worked with in network marketing and, in the process, launched a credit restoration company in Las Vegas called  

But on the podcast with Charnell, it was his comments on cryptocurrency that we found especially intriguing.  

Drake mentioned his next investment goals include getting involved in NFTs and crypto and building a platform to help people get the education needed to make money in the space. 

Drake told Charnell that if you’re not involved in investing in NFTs and crypto, “you’re literally leaving money on the table. I mean LITERALLY. Crypto will be the main currency here in the near future. I think everyone needs to get in on this NOW! I believe when everyone fully understands it. Unfortunately, that’s when it’s public and everyone knows about it. Now it’s normal and has lost its significance. It’s almost like if I was trying to tell you how important a dollar is, I would be too late!

I think this is important because this is a part of staying ahead of the curve. In the beginning, it seemed like an idea that could work; however, now, people are actually buying houses, cars, and properties using this currency. Since we see times are changing, we should change!”



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